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Social Care Solutions offers a wide range of carer and staff training and professional development solutions along with tailored packages to meet your needs.

Having a demonstrated commitment to continued professional development is critical to our work in the child protection industry.

Ensure you or your staff are not only competent and skilled, but are the very best at what they do.

Reaching excellence in your role or field is achievable with high quality training and professional development developed and delivered by practitioners who have decades of relevant industry experience.

We provide training in child protection through a number of ways:


Agencies source SCS to consult with staff regarding the needs of the team, whether in relation to working with children, parents, carers or each other, and develop a train-the-trainer series which is engaging, interesting, skill-based and capacity-building. The team at SCS then train facilitators from the agency to ensure they can then continue to offer this service internally. Past train-the-trainer series include supervision, supporting carers, having difficult conversations and working with children who have trauma.

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Our specialist 2 or 3 day in-person training for assessors to build their skills, fill their ‘tool box’ and improve their practice in relation to not only writing reports but developing analytical, evidence-based assessment skills to ensure reports are of exceptional quality in process and content. We also deliver a shorter version online to ensure access to it for all practitioners across Australia.

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We have a broad range of Masterclasses which are approximately 1 ½ – 2 hour live webinars developed and delivered by skilled practitioners. Short and cost-effective, this is a great way to hone in on a specific skill, topic area or tool, for assessors and case workers in the industry to develop their skills or capacity. The range of topics and the next date they are available are noted in the link below.

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Our own SCS assessors access a range of online tools to help gather evidence and analyse applicant, carer or parental capacity to care for children. We can develop specific tools that are responsive, reflective and targeted for your needs, or provide access to our own suite of resources for a subscription fee.

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We have trained facilitators for Queensland’s pre-service Quality Care training for potential foster carers and Step By Step trained facilitators of both the Step By Step assessment tools and the Shared Lives training for potential foster carers. The Step By Step trainer is able to deliver this training in person in NSW, VIC or SA.

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Get a quote on any of our training services by contacting us online or call 0423 826 543 to discuss your tailored, individualised service request.

It had a very lively atmosphere and I enjoyed the activities played in the training. The videos were great too as they showed us how to understand the different situations the child will come from."

Quality Care: Pre-service Training