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Reconciliation Week 2022

Be Brave, Make Change is the theme for this years Reconciliation Week and it has made us ponder what we can do as an organisation to acknowledge, honour and support our First Nations people and reconciliation.

One simple yet important thing that we ensure is that whenever our team holds a meeting, whether in person or online, we start with an Acknowledgement of Country to show our awareness and respect for the Traditional Owners and ongoing custodians of the land.

We do these with internal and with external stakeholders, so that before any of our work begins, we keep at the forefront of our minds the over-representation of First Nations children and young people in the OOHC sector. This sets the scene, so that we might challenge policies, procedures, forms, language, processes, and our own cognitive biases, when they emerge in the work we do so that we might be part of the change that needs to happen. Helping to address the intergenerational trauma and abuse of our First Nations peoples is our shared responsibility.

Be Brave, Make Change


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