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“Alone we can do so little, together we can do so much.”
– Helen Keller

Achieving improved outcomes for children, young people & families through quality service provision.

Started in 2009, Social Care Solutions was born out of a desire to see higher standards in foster care assessment, training and consultancy within the sector, with an emphasis on strengths-based practice and trauma-informed care.


“The Social Care Solutions team is a passionate, dedicated team of skilled and experienced practitioners who I’m proud to work alongside of each day. Their energy, enthusiasm and commitment to integrity and ethical practice ensures incredible quality of service delivery, and in turn ensures better outcomes for children and young people in and on the edge of care.

We currently have over 50 trained practitioners across Queensland, New South Wales, Victoria and Tasmania. Our team of social workers, psychologists and human services practitioners brings a wealth of knowledge and skill which comes from decades of frontline experience working across all areas of government and non-government agencies, both here and abroad. We have a team of Quality Assurance Officers, Support Assessors and a Cultural Liaison Officer adding great value to our work in the child protection industry.”

Mel James, CEO Social Care Solutions

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Mel James
Mel James CEO
Georgia Flynn
Georgia Flynn Child Protection Practitioner
Laura Donovan
Laura Donovan Child Protection Practitioner
Jennifer Fielding Psychologist
Anjanette Humphries
Anjanette Humphries Social Worker
Ashlea Dogulin
Ashlea Dogulin Social Worker
Ashleigh Bell
Ashleigh Bell Child Protection Practitioner
Carmen Bonner
Carmen Bonner Director
Christina McLaughlin
Christina McLaughlin Social Worker
Colleen Moran-Ford
Colleen Moran-Ford Quality and Mentoring Manager
Danielle James Support Assessor
Danielle Rimmer
Danielle Rimmer Child Protection Practitioner
Emma Schaefer
Emma Schaefer Child Protection Practitioner
Grace Hermawan
Grace Hermawan Child Protection Practitioner
Jacinda Trimble
Jacinda Trimble Child Protection Practitioner
Alix Braidwood
Alix Braidwood Child Protection Practitioner
Kellie Byrne Counsellor
Lisa Doran
Lisa Doran Social Worker
Meg Greenaway
Meg Greenaway Social Worker
Melissa King
Melissa King Team Leader (QLD)
Michelle Sandford
Michelle Sandford Team Leader (NSW)
Nicole Pulsford Child Protection Practitioner
Rachael Stubbs Social Worker
Rachelle Ogden
Rachelle Ogden Teacher
Stacey Douglas Cultural Liaison Practitioner
Storm Jamieson
Storm Jamieson Child Protection Practitioner
Teresa Harper Child Protection Practitioner
Trish Filippini Team Leader
Danielle Small
Danielle Small Executive Assistant
Mirielle (Mim) Schlesinger
Mirielle (Mim) Schlesinger Independent Assessor
Jessica (Jess) Jones
Jessica (Jess) Jones Independent Assessor
Wendy Moll
Wendy Moll Finance Officer
Jessica (Jess) Parker
Deb Fletcher
Deb Fletcher Independent Assessor
Alexandra Coles
Alexandra Coles Independent Assessor
Claire Cahill Independent Assessor
Karen Dumigan
Karen Dumigan
Laura Maloney
Laura Maloney Independent Assessor

What our clients say...

“The facilitator allowed participants to actively engage, question and share the whole way through. I liked the interactive activities, the presenter’s manner and her knowledge. I thought it was presented really well.”

Quality Care: Pre-service Training

“I feel as though I need to once again express how grateful we are to have worked alongside your service, it has been such a supportive and easy process. I have just finished reading this and I am very pleased with the content covered. It is very thorough and I do not feel there is anything missing. Thank you for your additional assistance and willingness to work with this family. You have been able to develop a trusting relationship quite early into the process.”

Agency on our Assessment

“[The SCS IFS program] has made me go forward in my life in a short amount of time. In the past we have had workers who didn’t care about us and haven’t shown the interest or kindness you [therapist] have. It is a totally better service where you are comfortable to come to our home and spend time with us, which is better than what we have had. The service has motivated me to take better care of myself and has been a help. The difference we have seen in such a short time has been amazing, thank you.”

Intensive Family Support Program

“We are committed to using the services of Social Care Solutions as the quality of their work to date has been second to none.  The assessment and training that we have contracted to Social Care Solutions is always of the highest quality, reflecting positively on our company while affording us the opportunity to grow and meet the demands of the sector.  Social Care Solutions is run efficiently with a focus on gaining the best outcomes not only for the contractor but also the foster carers we recruit.

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